A coworking gym for personal trainers.

Our facility has been designed for personal trainers and their clients. There is enough space for you to move around without disturbing the people working out next to you. Equipment is arranged and spread out to make the most of the large space. The facility includes plenty of dumbbells, squat racks, bands, balls, tires, ropes and more!

Why Coworking?

Finally! A coworking gym for personal trainers. Have you noticed that there are coworking offices popping up all over the place? These are brilliant ways for people to utilize an office space without having to take on the extraordinary expense of leasing, building out, furnishing, and maintaining that office. Many of those offices might even have a little fitness center. But one of these coworking offices isn’t what you’ve been looking for. Strength Collective is not a small fitness center within an office. This is a fully equipped gym that trainers can rent. This is a place where you, the personal trainer, are a member and pay for the time you use. You will have access to office space and a fully-equipped event center for seminars, workshops, and meetings. We’ve turned the coworking model around to work for YOU, the personal trainer.


So you’re not a personal trainer… but you’re looking for one…

The right personal trainer can mean the difference between hitting your fitness goals OR not even knowing how to define them. At Strength Collective personal trainers are working for their clients, not the gym. Do want our help finding you the right personal trainer?