A coworking gym for personal trainers.
Steps to Join
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No Bosses

You work for your clients, not the gym. It’s as simple as that. We strive to bring trainers together in collaboration, rather than competition. You’re not selling memberships, talking-up products, or pushing classes for the gym. Here, it’s all about your time, your gym, and your clients. 

No Unreasonable Contracts

It’s important for personal trainers to work in a facility where there are no strings attached. We’ve simplified the process! This means you’re free from the fine print of a contract or a non-compete clause, which often includes terms that mean you end up being tied to that gym. Instead, you are the member! 

Business Coaching

What your personal training certification doesn’t include is complex business training to be your own boss, maximize your skills, and create financial freedom. As a member, you will have access to resources, events, professional coaching, and so much more! 


As fitness professionals, much of our continuing education is done online, isolated with our iPads in the corner of the gym. Who do you have to bounce ideas off of? How do you practice and get better? Are you trying out new exercises on your clients, or would you rather look to your peers for support and really hone your skills? 

We’ve found that some of the best personal and professional growth comes from practicing, planning, and collaborating with other personal trainers. Our facility is structured to do just that. Whether it’s meeting one-on-one for business coaching and developing your own strategy as a personal trainer, or at our regularly held development seminars, personal trainers have ample opportunity to fine-tune their practice. 


There is an endless stream of information for personal trainers on the internet, and our goal is to help consolidate that information, direct you to the most useful resources, and compile the tools for you to utilize every day in a simple, easy-to-use platform.