Welcome to Strength Collective

Jenny Halstead

If you haven’t met me, I’m Jenny Halstead and I am very proud to introduce you to Strength Collective, a coworking gym for personal trainers. Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular for all kinds of professionals, but why do they work? In addition to finding like-minded professionals, affordability is a huge draw. One of the advantages of the coworking model is the ability to rent out only what you need, as opposed to an entire private office space, building, or studio. Keeping costs low through various membership models is cost effective. As our neighbors at WORKIT can tell you, coworking for small businesses and entrepreneurs is a game changer.

So how does that work with a gym, you ask? To answer that simply, because personal trainers need the support of a safe, well-kept, and collaborative environment where they can flourish as entrepreneurs, giving their clients the focus and attention they deserve.

Personal trainers are entrepreneurs? Yes. They are. Unless someone is spoon feeding a trainer every single client, they have to find clients on their own. They also need to have the skills to develop that delicate client-trainer relationship. Think of a hair salon - Stylists are responsible for building and retaining their clientele. Whether they rent their booth or are employed by the salon, if their guests don’t reschedule with them they don’t make money. Each stylist is responsible for building a personal brand alongside the salon where they work. For personal trainers, the concept is very similar.

In the U.S. alone, fitness is a $30 billion industry according to Forbes, and it’s only increasing. There are roughly 250,000 personal trainers currently working in the United States. I became a personal trainer over a decade ago and have found so much joy and satisfaction in helping other’s that I couldn’t imagine anything else. A family member who will remain nameless recently asked my why anyone would want to be a personal trainer. I love the fact that I can set my own schedule, work with the people that I want to (and not the ones I don’t), and watch people change their lives for the better. There’s a reason that this is ranked the No. 18 Best Jobs in America. That doesn’t mean that personal trainers are great at building their clientele, managing their finances, or even staying on top of industry trends. It’s hard work and there is a lot of burnout. More than 80% of personal trainers will slowly depart the fitness industry within 3 years of getting certified. The hours can be long, the pay can be rough, and we’re often forced to compete with other trainers working in the same gym.

All of this is to say, most personal trainers are amazing people who are dedicating their lives to helping others. The reality is that, for a personal trainer to be successful, they need to learn the right skills to attract their ideal clients, not just the people that will pay them. They also need to learn to value themselves enough to see themselves as an entrepreneur. Whether they are contracted by a gym or employed by one, that shift in mindset can make or break their long-term success.

I have years of business experience in and out of the fitness industry. I’ve figured out how to LOVE my job AND make a living. Yes! It’s possible. And I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to teach other personal trainers how they can work for their clients and not the gym. By giving personal trainers access to business and career coaching AND providing them an environment to collaborate in, these incredibly talented people that are meant to change lives… can actually do that. As a coworking facility for personal trainers, Strength Collective is about giving fitness professionals access to business systems that inspire growth, and providing them a space to truly focus on their clients, and not the gym.