Personal Trainer Clayton Rutschow


Imagine climbing mountains when you’re 70. Imagine running 10 miles whenever you want. Imagine taking up a new hobby like Lacrosse or Boxing, and having not just the means to try, but thrive.


That’s what I want for myself, and that’s what I want for every person I work with. To thrive. To live the life you want to live, on your terms. Physically strong, mentally sharp, spiritually sound. Let’s do this!

I’ve been fortunate with my breadth of experiences in the fitness world. Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, strength training, yoga, endurance training, and corrective conditioning are all skills that have helped me achieve my ideal quality of physical conditioning, and I’m eager to share that with you. With 17 years of martial arts training, 8 coaching, and going on 9 years of small group and personal training, I get people where they want to go. But more importantly, emphasize helping all enjoy the journey.

“Always do what you can. It’s the most that can be asked of you, and the least you should be willing to give.” --R.A. Salvatore