Instagram Trainers vs. True Fitness Trainers

Originally shared on a private Facebook group by a fantastic client. I’m honored that my passion for teaching people is evident in the work that I do. I am also SO proud of the trainers at Strength Collective for embodying what it means to be a great trainer! BTW - We highly endorse the Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast.

Melissa writes:

The Thick Thighs Saves Lives Podcast.png

CAUTION – LONG POST: But I needed to share with others that could relate. I had the opportunity this week to talk with some co-workers about “Instagram trainers” and true fitness trainers. Even though I know how much Instagram and Facebook is just overloaded with fitness pages and paid sponsorships, the realization of how many people fall prey to these amazes me (including myself). The discussion I was in, moved to personal trainers and online programs some were considering. First thing I did was recommend Jenny (of course), but shared some of the knowledge Jenny has given me, along with a recent experience I had (which I’ll now share with you). Before meeting Jenny, I had joined an undisclosed gym that offered fast transformations. The people were great and I gained friends in the owners, instructors, and gym-goers. However, when I found out the instructors often times had only gone through the “10 week session” and went through a few more weeks of training to become instructors absolutely astounded me. I could not believe how quick they turned instructors and threw them into the lineup. It shed so much light to my daily annoyance when I could see instructors having horrible form and telling others to proceed with a similar form. After that, I checked out and was done with the location as I didn’t feel safe. I’m not one to typically to butt into conversations and provide advice to things I don’t fully know but could not leave that one alone. With perfect timing, I came across this podcast episode about selecting personal trainers and forwarded this on to some co-workers. Although I knew I was already with a good trainer, I was curious what the advice was and can confirm Jenny fits all the categories. Not like anyone was questioning, but Jenny is amazing and we couldn’t be in better hands!