A coworking gym for personal trainers.

THIS is a coworking gym for personal trainers. 

We offer monthly membership to personal trainers so they have a well-equipped gym to train their clients. It’s as simple as that.

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For Personal Trainers…

100% of your attention needs to be on your clients during their workout session, or you’re losing money.

If you can’t use the equipment needed for your client’s workout, you’re losing money. On top of all that you’ve probably got an unreasonable non-compete, paying a high rental rate, or even a percentage of your revenue to the gym! Not here.

I understand that finding a gym that’s the right fit for you and your clients can seem impossible. I’ve simplified the process so that personal trainers work for their clients and not the gym. 

…To build your business

It’s frustrating and embarrassing when your professionalism is put on the line because of a dirty facility, lack of access or members that don’t understand that you’re working. 

I have years of experience as a personal trainer in a number of scenarios; apartment building fitness centers, clients’ homes, big box gyms, boutique fitness centers, and yes, even my garage! The challenge that I always found was that I couldn’t rely on a facility to be a value-add to for my clients. So, I created one! 

Joining is easy…